Saturday, June 21, 2008

My bank card fell down and can't get up

To comfort myself, during the last few mad, mad weeks of studying, I did a little shopping. And then I did a little shopping to celebrate finishing the exam.

I keep telling myself that buying stuff doesn't make me happy. But it does. Sigh.

So, I try to make thoughtful purchases instead of buying crap.

Plus, most of my yarn purchases get turned into gifts for other people. I shouldn't feel bad about that. Right?

So, here goes:

I happened to be online when the Ravelry store went live (I suppose there are some advantages to being in front of a computer, all the time). I wasn't able to get my disagree (1) t-shirt and tote bag, but I'm pleased with the beer glasses and vegetable bag (which is used for knitting, not vegetables).

In my on-going effort to convert the masses, I took my colleague to Ram Wools to look for her next purchase (she was blown away, at the size, the variety and the prices). I told her that knitting wasn't a cheap hobby, and that she should get over it. While there, I saw for skeins of discontinued (maybe?) Inca Silk at 50% off (whoops, I guess I fell off the no-buying-yarn-unless-it-is-sock-yarn wagon). I had wildly optimistic hopes of making myself a tank for an upcoming wedding. Um, the wedding is a week from now, and I have only swatched. Whoops again.

Following is the Yay! Exam is over! yarn:

Why do people go nuts for Noro? This is why:

Amazing colours. Having achieved success with it in a wrap, I will now make socks.

When purchasing this yarn, about four hours after completing my exam, I was like a kid in a candy store. I hadn't allowed myself to look at yarn for a while. And indeed, I hadn't even been to the world's greatest yarn shop. My friends were rather amused. And perhaps a little bit scared.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you and your bank card had a nice time.
Glad you are treating yourself to something! I can't seem to decide on what colour with Noro stuff. They all look so nice!