Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My neighbours think I'm crazy, and they might be right

I was outside tonight, having an extreme workout while mowing the back yard, and mentally drafting a blog post.

We all know a blog post is unexceptional without pictures, so I sat down, in the middle of the yard, to take what I hoped was an artistic photo of how happy I was to be mowing the lawn.

Umn, yeah. Sexy, not so much.

Right then, the neighbour across the back lane, walked out... to do something, I'm sure, I just don't know what.

I gaily waved, and continued talking my photos.

I have no true idea what they think of me, having never spoken to any one except the son, but I'm pretty sure any one with a lick of sense would think I'm insane. Really, who takes self-portraits with the weed-whacker? Only me, I am sure.

This is more the look I was going for: Strength, confidence, and hand-knitted socks.