Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Open mouth, insert foot

In lieu of anything interesting to post, I'm going to talk about work, because it is interesting to me. And, that's all I've been doing (hint: exam is not going to go well).

It's my first year-end, at Construction Inc, and I'm a wee bit punchy. Year-end is a big deal. It's like I've been rehearsing for the past ten months, and now it's the big show. I'm on, and the audience is waiting. It's a good thing that I like to perform.

Scenario One:

Spectacular boss-man and I are walking back to his truck after taking the accounting department of one of our owners out to lunch. A "what would you like us to do, how can we help you" kind of lunch. Boss-man sees the senior VP of our parent walking in front of his (Boss-man's) truck, and hits the alarm key on his remote. The horn blares, and the senior VP jumps out of his skin.

In the middle of an intersection, I double-over and shout with laughter. So much so that the VP turns around and glares at us. Not good.

But clearly, not my fault, right?

Scenario Two:

Two guys are going out for a smoke, and I hear this from my office. I ask to go along. They graciously let me. But insist that I walk in front, so they can "view my posture as I walk" (I am much, much taller than they are, and I'm in a hurry. Standing up straight helps one move fast). As I go, I say, not meaning to shout, but I've got the voice that carries, "Don't be looking at my ass!" And our receptionist says, "too late, they are."

The President and the brother of our former owner are in the building, and the door to the office is open. I know they heard what I said.


Do you think it will help that I have improved the quality of the audit working papers by about a million percent? I truly hope so.

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