Monday, June 2, 2008

Shock and Recognition

I was at brunch yesterday, having a fine meal and a good time. It was quiet, because I was a wee bit hungover from the night before (note: the anti-inflammatory drugs I'm taking? Great for hangovers too. Yay, me!).

To my great excitement, I saw, across the room, one of my favourite people in the entire world. A person whose family I had been discussing the night before, with the every same friend!

Then I saw that he was sitting with my ex-husband and his new wife.

Is is really mean of me to say that I think I'm much, much prettier than she is? It's either that, or I'm really, really shallow. I'm OK with either, actually.

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Anonymous said...

I was going to make a comment... then the good little person on my shoulder, flicked the evil, nasty, cruel one off the other shoulder... and I figured it was a sign to behave myself.
Now then, I have to say this.
Toques on skaters/boarders in June, are almost acceptable/forgivable.
On men in their mid-thirties without either accessory on their person. Well.... that is wrong on so many levels that I can't even start to list them.
She, well I have to agree, she was not *all that and a bag of chips*.
You on the other hand, are all that and guacamole on the side.
Slightly biased, but I'd have to say I wouldn't have given her a second look.