Friday, June 6, 2008

The weather outside is frightful (but it wasn't yesterday)

Yesterday, I walked out of the office at 4:20 (yes, I snuck out early, and I was 15 minutes late for work every day this week. Being on time is a work in progress, apparently), and immediately changed my plans for the evening. It was absolutely stinking gorgeous outside, so I headed east instead of west.

Meaning, I went to Canadian Tire and bought myself a new grass trimmer (note: I am penny wise and pound foolish. I cheaped out last year, bought one for $20 and a replacement spool is nowhere to be found. Apparently it is is only sold in the UK, now). As opposed to heading downtown and looking for: birthday present for a two-year-old, shower gift for a girly pal and a dress for the two (2!) weddings I have this summer.

That was a very good decision, because I managed to mow the back yard, trim it and a good part of the side yard, and dig up the flower bed to plant the perennials my mom bought me. Plus a slip that a colleague gave me. (Oh, and thank FSM that mom bought me a shovel, that was nasty work, I tell you. I don't regret giving up my gym membership in the summer, not at all).

It poured rain today, so for once, me being spontaneous and all worked out well.
Here is a bit of a view of the new-and-improved flower bed:

It looks fantastic, in my never-humble opinion. Now I have to do something about the grass, or lack thereof.

Also, I have been a demon with the gardening, lately. I planted a bunch of tomatoes, peppers and herbs before I went home for Mom's birthday, and then lost most of it to frost (because I am an idiot). I sucked it up, bought new bedding plants, and got busy after brunch last Sunday (note: six more shopping trips, and the yagon will have paid for itself).

Last year's garden box on the right, the new one, constructed about two weeks ago, on the left.

There's petunias, impatiens, sweet peas, tomatoes, basil, sage, red and green peppers for plants. I also planted zuchini, cucumber, spaghetti squash, butternut squash and pea seeds. I hope I get something from my seeds this year. That would mean, to me, that I am a true gardener, and not just faking it.

As a result of all this outdoor work, there has been precious little knitting. But tonight, perhaps, there may be a little done. Or maybe not. I might clean the bathroom instead.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice!
Next weekend I should have some perennials for you too. Pilfered from my mothers yard.