Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Doin' ma bloggy thing

I've had loads stored up in my head lately. Things unrelated to studying and work.

Now that the weather is not cooperating (I had planned to do a decent job at cutting the grass tonight, but the rain has prevented me from doing so) I'm sitting inside.


So, I suppose it is time for a story I've had up my sleeve since last November.

The scene: a very, very crowded country bar, close to last call. The crowd is pretty mixed, but leans to the young side.

The main character: a tall blond in a cocktail dress, looking pretty fine, sitting beside the dance floor, all by herself, because she can't find people in a crowd. She's finishing her beer and going home, if no one finds her (incidentally, the people she's with (colleagues, not friends) don't know that she easily gets lost).

A young man in a cowboy hat plunks himself down next to her: "Hey! Wanna make out?"

The tall blond: "No!"

The young man: "Why not? I'm just being honest." (whines)

The tall blond: "Because I'm old enough to be your mother!"

The young man: "Well, it's your loss." (walks off in a huff)

The tall blond is rescued by one of her colleagues. And realizes, sadly, that she is indeed old enough to be the young man's mother.

Just barely, though. For clarity.

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