Friday, June 13, 2008

Quick post

and then I've got to go study. Really.

I'm cramming a three-inch binder's worth of stuff into my head tonight.

Tomorrow will not be pretty.

However, some good news. I prepared and released the interim May financial statements for Construction Inc. today. Five hours ahead of schedule, a day and a half later than my goal (Yes, I am unrealistic. Wanna make something of it?) I am so pleased. My boss is pleased. The staff is pleased, now that I am not freaking out on them (Good bunch, really. Good at their jobs. They had just haven't seen me in 'full-freak' mode before).

Our owners will be very, very pleased, I am sure. Actually, I can't wait for the end of July, when the auditors arrive, and they swoon with excitement at what I have prepared (Not that auditors would swoon. Nope, not ever. It's auditors and actuaries that give accountants a bad name).

Moving on (maybe this isn't so quick, after all), I did my normal little routine when I got home tonight; wander around the property, picking up the garbage, grab the mail, inspect the flower pots and garden beds...

And we have growth!

I have eight of what I think are rosebushes in front of my house. Grew like weeds last year. No blooms. Something is budding, so perhaps there will be blooms. Trust me, I will report on this fully if something exciting happens.

Now for the garden. I planted a bunch of seeds, and it has poured rain ever since. But, something appears to be working!

I forget what I planted where (I wasn't drunk, I just didn't write it down immediately). If I get anything more than this, it will all be a grand surprise!

That's it. Only eighteen more hours until I can knit without guilt. I haven't knit a stitch since last Sunday. That's five days, and it's freaking killing me. I surely hope I can go to WWKIP after my exam. If not, there will be a solitary celebration. In a bar. With a patio.


Alicia said...

Good luck tomorrow!

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