Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dumped via voicemail

Before y'all get excited, I wasn't dating anyone.

What happened was that a fellow came over to look at my floor and give me an estimate to have it re-done (laminate, plywood, linoleum, I don't care except it won't be carpet). He scrunched up his nose, told me it would be a nasty job and that he thought he didn't have the skills to do it. He said that he would tell the office to send someone else to take a look.

Fair enough. I know it's a nasty job.

The next day, I'm sitting in my office, and I see a voicemail message on my home phone (the phone that no one uses, because (a) I don't hear it and (b) I'm rarely home). It was the reno company, telling me that the fellow who had visited was the best, and if he wasn't up to the job, perhaps I should find someone else.

In other words, "It's not you, it's us."

I'm a wee bit ticked, because they have never used my home phone number before. It's always been my cell. So, they didn't want to tell me in person. Instead, I got dumped on voicemail. Blech.

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