Saturday, September 6, 2008

I couldn't resist, any longer

Most of you know that I work the occasional Saturday in a yarn shop. I do this in exchange for yarn. It's a deal that works well.

I had let my credit build up for a bit, 'cuz I was trying to be mature and not get everything I liked. Plus, I wasn't knitting very much, and there's plenty of yarn to be had around here.

Well, I found out that my credit was getting up there, so I decided to spend a little.
I got the following:

Noro Silk Garden sock yarn. Yum.

Cascade 220. Suddenly I understand why people love it. The colours are brilliant. I want six skeins in every shade the shop carries.

Arquippa sock yarn. Again, I want every colourway. I'm a terribly greedy person.

Sirdar Baby Bamboo, Cherry Lips colourway. I've had a fantasy of making a cute little tank out of this stuff all summer. Well, perhaps for next year.

Now, having caved, I suppose I should put on my big girl panties and finish up some of the stuff I'm working on before I start new projects with all this lucious stuff, right?

1 comment:

knitting daisy said...

Score! Very nice stash enrichment on your part :) I too could not resist the urge to acquire some Cascade 220 - who stands a chance when they're lined up so beautifully on the shelves like that?! LOL