Wednesday, September 3, 2008

So far, not too shabby

It's been about three weeks since I hired the cleaning service, and resolved to never let the clutter get ahead of me again (yes, I know I've said that before).

And well, I am rather pleased with how I'm managing to keep on top of things.

Mind you, nothing is perfect, but I count the following among my achievements:
  • returning a cd (a) to its case and (b) to the basket where cds are stored immediately after loading it onto my ipod.
  • paying three (yes, 3!) bills and filing the stubs immediately.
  • tearing the mailing labels off five (yes, 5!) reasonably current magazines and putting them into recycling when I decided that I was done reading. Bonus - only two new magazines came into the house today. That counts as a decrease in the clutter department.
There have been a few other historic moments, as well. For example, only the ironing board is covered with clothes. Not the ironing board, both dressers and an overflowing laundry basket.

Also, I recycled some knitting patterns that I must have printed in a booze-induced haze, but that shit was uuugggly, and I was never, ever, even under threat of firing squad, going to knit them up.

Mind you, the pile of shoes by the door has gotten rather large, considering I am a biped, and there seem to be a few balls of yarn scattered about.

Those are things easily remedied, though. I'm going to deal with that, right now. Promise.

See? There's proof.

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