Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My festival boyfriend

About a year ago, I was volunteering at the Jazz Festival, happily selling drink tickets and listening to the free stage at Old Market Square.

I stopped, for a moment, when I heard an aching, soul-searing, young, but oh-so-very-old voice soar above the crowd.

I looked at the woman I was selling tickets to and said "Who is this? I'm in love."

She said, "It's JP Hoe. But you can't have him, he's got a girlfriend."

Like I cared. I had a boyfriend, at the time.

Anyway, I wrote that name down on a bit of paper, and had been carrying it around for a whole year, to remind me to buy the CD when I saw it, or take note of any concert listings.

It's been a crazy year. I did very little CD shopping, and paid attention to even fewer concerts.

Fast forward to this past folk fest. My friend passed me $20 and asked me to pick up his newest, The Dear John Letters.

I got one for me, too.

He's marvelous. I think I'll keep him.


purple_niko said...

Here's another little bit of trivia for you (sort of, anyway)...my sister went to school with JP!
I don't think they're still in touch, but they definitely used to be.
That's only 2 degrees of separation for you!

purple_niko said...
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