Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm a spoiled brat

On August 11, I was sitting with my family at the ancestral pile.

Mom was trying to get me to stop playing with Mini J, so that I could catch my bus home.

I, jokingly, told her that if she let me have her car, there wouldn't be any rush.

Well, I drove home. I'm certain a Greyhound bus incident had something to do with her sudden generosity (and there are reasons for her fear that are private and will not be explained here).

The justification was that I needed a car, temporarily, to have a wee bit of a holiday, do some winter stocking of the shelves (meaning, haul home 600 pounds of cat litter) and generally make the transition from summer to fall.

And, it has been really, really nice. I went camping with my girly pals, I scooted out of town to visit some friends that don't get near the attention they deserve. I've got about half the cat litter needed to supply my boys for the next year or so.

Also, not spending three hours on the bus to get to and from my weekly lecture has been really, really nice. Even though I don't like driving in the dark.

However, I have missed walking. Really, really missed it. Today, in fact, I needed bread and a few veggies, and I considered driving the seven blocks to the nearest grocery store, just because I have a car.

Yikes. That's a slide into laziness that is completely unacceptable. I purposefully strode out of the house with headphones in ears and walked.

It was a lovely little walk. When did fall arrive? I hadn't noticed, because I've been sitting in a car.

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