Sunday, March 9, 2008


Lots of people complain about daylight savings time.

I don't. I realize it's an illusion, but moving the clock an hour forward means that spring must be coming. Some time, anyway. It's been a very, very brutal winter, weather-wise.

True to form, I leaped out of bed this morning.

Drank a pot of coffee and spent four hours dicking around on Ravelry.

Then I had a 45 minute nap.

But after that, by golly, I was on fire.

I was going to watch Elizabeth: The Golden Age and work on some toe-up socks that I am completely in love with. But I paused for a moment... wouldn't the movie watching be far more pleasant if I cleaned the living room, first?

Well, I haven't gotten around to watching the movie yet, but yes, it is very pleasant to have a clean living room (I washed away a big-little brother footprint that had been there since November).

It is also very pleasant to have washed the kitchen floor (also very overdue), shovel the snow (for the second time this week), give the bedroom and bathroom a quick wipe (deep-cleaning occurred last weekend) and walk to the shops for a few groceries and a wine stock-up.

Also, does anybody want a TV stand? It appears I don't need mine any more. I also have a pretty nice coffee table that I haven't used in months, because it doesn't fit.

And there's some random stuff I want to talk about:

If you like bluegrass, or hearing crazy-ass country covers of well-known songs, listen to "Crossroads Country" on Hank FM. I stop everything at six pm on Sunday night to listen to this program. It's amazing. Surprisingly, the station as a whole is pretty good. Lots of Steve Earle and Fred J. Eaglesmith, which is never, ever a bad thing.

Hooch-making is coming soon! Look, I washed out some wine bottles, to prepare for new wine!

I swear, I am going to wreck this bookcase before I even get to assemble it.

Skool boyfriend freaked the hell out of me on Friday night. He basically invited himself to Winnipeg for Folk Festival. A weekend where I traditionally camp, laugh, talk, drink and generally misbehave with all my girly pals. I was, er, for a moment or two, speechless.

I'm pretty sure, now, that he is straight, and that he likes me in that way. Oh, dear. I don't like him back, that way. I mean, I'm all about making new friends, and it's great to laugh and talk with someone of the opposite sex (all right, y'all know I flirted - that's what I do!), but now he has taken it too far. If he wanted to do something about it, he would come right out and ask. Like invite me to Regina for the folk festival there. Dumbass. Scary dumbass.

And speaking of skool, the website says I have not submitted anything (i.e. 0/325) and therefore have not qualified for the exam. I feel a nasty phone call coming on. Again.

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