Monday, December 29, 2008

The Ancestral Pile

We don't do Christmas presents in our family. It simplifies things remarkably. I'm enough of a Scrooge to have extended that policy to my entire network of friends as well.

Sometimes, though, if there's an event, or the perfect gift, we break the rule.

This falls into the "perfect gift" category:

Aerial photos of the farm. Taken in late July, just as the canola is starting to bloom. The first photo is the view from the east, and the second is the view from the north.
I am blown away. I don't think I had ever told my mother that I'd hoped to have a copy of all the aerial photos taken throughout the years in a progression.

I suspect she's digging for the older photos right now.


Alicia said...

Wow! That looks amazing!

Mavis said...

Ahhh...beautiful - I love prairie landscapes!

Anonymous said...

Totally worth breaking the rules!