Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I just got off the phone. I spent 35 minutes talking to my assistant from the job from hell.

Ten (yes, 10!) people have left in the past month. More have lodged formal complaints about a certain manager that prompted me to make my own career move, more than a year ago.

Incompetent people are being promoted. Talented people have left.

Boss Lady is retiring early, sacrificing valuable pension contributions, in order to escape the toxicity.

I'm sending Jr. all my HR contacts in the morning. Everyone deserves fruitful, rewarding work, in a workplace that is healthy. My girl doesn't have that now.

If I was hiring, she'd come and work for me.

Construction Inc. is a very, very good place to be. Wouldn't trade it for anything right now, even though the walk from the bus stop in -40C weather is not pleasant.

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