Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's a girl!

Every time one of my brothers has a child, I think to myself that my heart cannot possibly have room for more love. I think that it must be totally full, because I am so very lucky to have many good friends and a family that I adore.

I am delighted, every time, to be proved wrong. There is always room for love.

My third niece joined the world at 1:20 AM, weighing 9 lbs, 4 oz, and measuring 20 inches (incidentally, she's the smallest of the lot. The Misstea family are big people. In fact, all my nieces and my nephew (I love how that sounds!) have outweighed me at birth. I can only imagine how beautifully tall and strong they will be. Also, I love ellipses).

She too, has a name that I had considered giving a daughter, if I chose to reproduce (I really should keep my good ideas to myself).

For the first time in a long while, I can't wait for Christmas, so I can meet her!


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It is amazing how your heart grows every time. Have fun enjoying her. Bus Buddy