Thursday, December 4, 2008

Done. For now.

My boss said something earlier this week, and it really resonated. He said the exam was an opportunity to show them how much I know.

To show them how much I know... wow. Not to weed out the stupid ones, or to make me crack under the pressure.

So, I stood back. Tried not to panic... and it went OK.

I'm sure I could have done more studying (frankly, my study groove never quite recovered from the frantic hat-making episode) but I don't feel too bad. I was rested. I restricted my liquids, so I wasn't uncomfortable. I budgeted my time (100 marks, four hours - that's 2.4 minutes per mark). I just wrote. And wrote. And wrote so much that my right hand was too sore to knit on the bus ride home.

In eight weeks or so, I'll know exactly how much knowledge I showed them.

Of course, it helped that the exam had five questions instead of four. That I was smart enough to write down a quick reason why I rejected a m/c answer. There were no surprises. All the keywords and acronyms on my home-made review sheets helped, because if I was stuck for a point, all I had to do was visualize the page in my head.

Next course starts on Monday. Courier delivered my text today. But, I've got a party on Saturday, so I'm taking the weekend off. I know I'll have a sore head on Sunday. I'm starting to think about knitting for Christmas. Two new babies, after all.

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Alicia said...

I'm glad to hear it went ok. Have a blast this weekend!