Tuesday, December 16, 2008

You asked for it!

As I was leaving knit night tonight, I stuck the unfinished jug (well, to be more accurate, tetra-pak (so sue me! It's lighter!)) of white wine in my bag and said something to the effect of, "See ya later! I'll be drinking this when I get home!"

I was running out the door when I heard, "I hope you blog about it!"


Clearly, this blog has been lacking the funny and stupid lately. I think I can help y'all out with that.

First, the funny:

Star Wars: The Saga Begins (by Weird Al Yankovic)

Embedding is disabled, so you must click that link. That's going to be my next karaoke song. It will be awesome (also, how did I not know about this until yesterday? I love it!).

Second, the stupid:

I was in bossman's office last Friday, admiring his ipod.

I have an ipod. Nothing wrong with it. Bossman's ipod was just newer and nicer. I said that I wanted a new one, but couldn't justify it, because there was nothing wrong with mine.

Flash to Monday morning: I've sent my ipod through the washing machine and the dryer.

It may recover. It may not. I might be getting that new ipod. Twice the capacity, half the price of what I paid, three years ago. Technology sucks.


Anonymous said...

Thank you.
Sorry about the ipod. We just bought ourselves one. We've had a shuffle for a year. Alas one that can tell you what you are about to listen to was in order.
Is it bad of me to say I hope you can get a new one? You can download an entire 18 cds of Mozart and still have room for everything else...
yeah... I think I'll want one of my own too.

Anonymous said...

WAIT! How was the tetrapac of wine? You forgot to give us a run down of how it was!

Chelsea the Yarngeek said...

I got to see Weird Al perform The Saga Begins at a concert at the county fair once. My current fav Weird Al video is White and Nerdy (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xEzGIuY7kw).

Too bad about the iPod. You'll just have to get that new one after all. Darn! :D