Thursday, December 18, 2008

What recession?

Good news:

I received my bonus today. It is much larger than expected (actually, I didn't expect one at all).

Bad news:

No raise, and I am "management" and therefore earning at a level where a cost of living raise isn't warranted. Cool. No biggie. I'd lose it all to tax and increased pension contributions anyway.

More good news:

Boss Man wants to pay all my education costs, even the university program I didn't get into and the repeat courses. Given the associated tax deductions, I'll probably come out ahead.


So, all this money is seriously burning a hole in my pocket. All the things I've wanted or needed over the past couple months can happen.

Such as:

  • Ipod (though the existing one has recovered, with the exception of the back light)
  • Work shoes
  • Bras (sometimes, being a girl sucks. Underwear is expensive, and the girls are getting to the age where they need a little help)
  • SAD lamp
  • Lighter winter coat (for, you know, the not-quite-so-miserable days)
  • Freezer

Or, I could just clear my overdraft. Which is probably what I will do. Sigh. I really would prefer yarn, books and CDs. Or go to Sock Summit 2009.

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Purler Bear said...

Oooohhh Sock Summit.... me too! Me too!