Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Once you get hand-knitted socks...

you never go back.

My father has worn his socks every day since I gave them to him, nearly two weeks ago. Mom had to rather forcibly insist that he not wear them today so she could wash them (that's an understatement, I'm sure she shouted at him. We do a lot of shouting at the farm. Can't be heard over the machinery, otherwise. Then it carries over into normal conversation).

Sounds gross, I know. He's a farmer. Hygienic feet aren't a priority when you spend every day up to your elbows in dirt, grease, dust and whatever else (and we don't want to know). Besides, as I am hold he said, no one can smell his feet when he wears shoes.

Damn, I'm thinking I should make him a pair for every day of the week. Should have done this fifteen years ago. Wolseley Wardrobe, watch out! I'll be cleaning out the stash of masculine-flavoured sock yarn.

In other news, Mom said that my knitting teacher had called the other day. This amazing woman, who I miss dreadfully and think about EVERY SINGLE DAY, called my parents out of the blue to try and track me down. Mom said they talked for two hours. Mom gave her my number and took hers - but can't find it now! This is killing me! I want to call my teacher right now and tell her about every project I've contemplated, completed and messed up over the last 17 years. Knitting and life-wise. We have a lot of catching up to do.

She was more than a teacher. She was the knitting grandmother that I lost at far too young an age, the sympathetic older woman who managed to keep a straight face while I sounded off about whatever was bothering my angst-ridden teenage soul, the kindly mentor who let me make mistakes and then taught me how to correct them. She watched me try out different parts of my personality, and cheered me on with every performance. She taught me how to act like a lady, mostly that one shouldn't be crude ("fart" is crude. Still struggling with that). She was (is) one of the many shining examples of strong women that I've been blessed with. Women who guide me every day. She is one of the women who have helped mold me into the woman I am today, and I am proud to have known her, and had the benefit of her guidance and the joy of her love and affection.

Please call me! I need to show you what I have become!

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