Thursday, April 5, 2007

Titles are hard, I just want to blether.

I was thinking that there hadn't been much knitting going on at Chez Peepee over the past week or so, and I was right. So, I got busy over the past couple of hours, and this is what I've got:

Yup, that's my desk, and it is remarkably tidy, for a change. That's because I'm DESIGNING right now. Well, that loosely describes what I am doing.

My inspiration pretty much follows this routine:

1. I want to make fill in the blank (in this case, a hat).
2. Look at pictures for inspiration.
3. Pick a picture that I like.
4. Read instructions.
5. Decide that I want to use different yarn, needles, method of decrease and work circular-versus-flat (or vice-versa), etc.
6. Swatch.
7. Calculate required number of stitches using different gauge, needles and yarn. (As an aside, call Mother to measure Father's head, because this hat is intended for a man, and I need to know NOW, and I will not ask any of my male colleagues if I can measure their heads. Somehow, in my way of thinking, that crosses a line). By the way, my dad has a big head. I hope I have enough yarn.
8. Cast-on and knit merrily for a couple of inches.
9. Remember to write down what I'm doing because in six days I will be teaching this to a bunch of complete strangers who have no idea how to knit (hence the sticky-notes).
10. Drink more wine and blog about it (the blogging is a new step. The wine is a constant).

Once again, this is fun!

Starting next Wednesday, I'm teaching a lunch and learn knitting class. It will be loads of fun, I'm sure. I really sold my teaching skills to the yarn-shop-proprietress extraordinaire, and I really am more than delighted to have this opportunity. However, as movingly as I can speak, and write, about knitting, I have no idea if I will remember all those things when the time comes and I will be standing in front of people trying to sell knitting-as-fun. And be able to teach them how to do this in four short lunch hours. The one upside that I can think of (and this is strange for me) is that there will not be any wine.

(Note to self: make notes of what I'm going to say. How strange is that? I don't need notes to remember to talk. I love talking).

It would be better if the sample were done, instead of just starting it tonight (the 10 steps described above took about a week).

Why is my desk so clean? Well, because I haven't unpacked yet. These are my "current" office files, yet to be unpacked from October. I'm a wee bit behind:

Other news:

The peepee problem was (hopefully) eliminated, due to emergency surgery yesterday. I'm picking the little boy up tomorrow and I'm told that he has completely charmed the staff at the veterinary hospital. I am not surprised, he is darling (I am desperately hoping I get a good picture of my fellow in his cone. He is so funny looking when he has one, and he hates being laughed at. I can't help myself) .

Landscaping/fencing plans may be post-poned due to aforementioned emergency surgery. Brother #2 (the handy one) has lots of holidays, however, and is willing to provide labour. In exchange for knitting. I think we can work out a deal.

Loving the bathroom. Want to paint more, but day off from hell, oops I mean work, to do so has been hijacked by volunteer commitments and a trip to the vet. My new car rental place doesn't love me as much (yet) as the old one, and will not let me pick up my rental eight hours early. They will learn how valuable I am.

My back has not yet recovered from the painting. I can't decide if the long-term damage of many years of lifting very heavy things improperly is catching up to me, or if I'm just horribly unfit.

I've said all there is to say tonight, perhaps more. Except: what the hell does Showcase broadcast at night? The telly is on over in the other room and that is the weirdest stuff I've heard in a while. Then again, it's past midnight, and I don't normally have the TV on at this hour. That's it, to bed. Now.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Misstea
New reader, old bus friend. :) i hope your trip to the boonnies goes well and you enjoy your family.
i know i'm going to be a very regular visiter to you sight. you can deffinitly increase you readership counter to include me now.
have a happy easter.