Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Back to our regularly scheduled knitting

MW's socks are done! She is very pleased. I'm hoping to get a picture of them on her feet, someday. Perhaps if we do something sociable, sometime.

I went to Ram Wools this afternoon, with my "let's keep the crazy away and let her leave at a reasonable hour once a week" day. This is what I got:

Yes, that is Koigu on the left. I realize it is famous, but I had never been struck by it before. Had to buy it, because the next time I go to the R store, it won't be there. I am determined to learn a toe-up sock method for this yarn - it cost twice what I normally spend on sock yarn, and I want to use every last inch. Yes, I will be keeping those suckers. Hand-wash only. The blue - for the gift stack. It's the same brand as the lime green, used above. I will give it one more chance. I'm thinking of making Jaywalkers. The designer, Grumperina, inspires me to be a better knitter.

Also finally picked up the 3.25 mm circ I need for Icarus (essentially, that's a $50 circular needle). I was going to start it tonight when I got home, but I need to have dinner, do a load of laundry and, this whole blogging thing, while I adore it, takes time. Perhaps tomorrow, after I vacuum and water the plants (and start my seeds for the garden, after a week of procrastination).

The class hat is finished. I should have finished it last week at this time, but I finally sat down and seamed it tonight at knit night. This is a horribly composed photo, the colour truly is not accurate, and it's enormous for my little head, but note the ribbing and the crown decreases. Clever, if I do say so myself. I worked out a little recipe using multiples of 10 and 4. I really must transcribe it from the sticky-notes.

Here are the current bar and bus socks:

Not too bad for futzing around, drinking tons of beer and flirting outrageously. Not to mention talking about knitting.

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Anonymous said...

hey there Misstea, great blog! I have never read a blog of someone I have also interacted with in person. I also have the jaywalker pattern which i will dig out and start and get your help if I need it.