Monday, March 17, 2008

Before and After

It's been nearly three weeks, but finally, I think I can have company without being totally embarrassed (as long as company brings indoor shoes. That dining room... )

Moving on.

Tonight, I (just about) finished the nastiest of all nasty tasks: cleaning my office.

My office is where I spend most of my time. It's my knitting zone, my Ravelry zone, my communication zone, my study zone. Not coincidentally, it's also the zone where most of the wine gets spilled. Though, to be fair, I think I can blame at least 50% of the wine spillage on the cats. They have a nasty habit of jumping in front of me, where the wine sits.

I actually started this project last Monday, but then a wee event took over, and I left it until tonight. Damn, it feels good to see the surface of my desk.


Ooh, Clean Sweep would have a field day!


Still not pretty, but functional.

I even took the time to deal with all the many wires. After a year and a half.

No "before" photo. I'm not stupid.

Now, if I could only find the pegs for the two remaining shelves on the bookcase. I know it's someplace logical, I just can't remember where.

If that's my biggest problem, I'm doing OK.

I should admit, in the interest of complete honesty, that I didn't get rid of all that much stuff. My basement is just a really large storage room. Don't know what to do with it? Put it in the basement. Think I might need it one day? Put it in the basement. Afraid to throw it out? Put it in the basement. Not prepared to deal with it right now? Put it in the basement. I do realize that it's prolonging the inevitable purge, but hey, I can move around, now, without tripping over piles of junk. I'll take it.

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