Thursday, March 6, 2008

Old habits die hard

I have continued to putter, a little. Every time on my way somewhere else in the house, I grab something and find a new home for it. Empty glasses into the kitchen (and into the dishwasher, thanks very much), magazines into the rack, that sort of thing.

At the same time, I'm trying to get rid of a few things. Things that I don't really want, and realize that I will most likely never, ever use. Or find a use for things that I really do love, but haven't been using.

Case in point: I adore my Harmony Options, in case you've forgotten. Problem is, the case is this awful clear vinyl thing that looks more like it should be sitting in Sears holding a set of sheets.


I also have this:

Pretty. Very, very pretty.

It's either a large change purse or small cosmetic bag. I'm not sure. But, it's felted, lined and, if you haven't guessed, my favourite colour. It was a birthday gift, last fall, from one of my many friends whose first inital is D.

I had a brainwave. I do not need the ugly, over-sized plastic pouch with the cardboard insert sitting on my end table. I decided to put the options into the little pink case, and get rid of the plastic crap. So I did. Looks lovely. Fits perfectly. Small enough to slip inside my knitting bag, should I have the desire to take the majority of my needles with me, somewhere. And, now I most likely will, just because I can.

So what did I do with the plastic? I put it in the bottom of the china cabinet. Where I put all the other knitting crap that I might need someday. Right beside that ball of Phentex I bought when Woolco closed in 1992 (what exactly I was thinking, I will never know).

Once I realized what I had done, three days later, I marched that plastic pouch straight to the kitchen garbage and made sure it got covered with coffee grounds. To ensure that I wouldn't change my mind.

The Phentex is still there. Baby steps.

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