Saturday, March 8, 2008

Seven more sleeps

until my exam.

I have a whole lot more studying to do. But, it's Saturday night, and I'm a rock 'n' roll single girl (TM).

So I'm teaching myself how to knit using the Continental style. This is as far as I've gotten:

Tools are gathered.

I studied a friend of mine knitting this afternoon for a bit. I just looked at the action her left hand made, from across the table.

I'm referring to videos here, when something doesn't make sense.

There must be something strange in the air, because earlier in the week, I decided to learn how to cable without using a cable needle. With a larger gauge, it's pretty easy. I think I will need more practice before I try it on a pair of socks, though.

Forgive the craptastic photo - it was taken in a bar.

I used this set of instructions, which I read months ago. When I started the above wine-cozy / dish cloth, I just faked it, because the instructions were at home in a pile of paper, somewhere. Seems to work. The trick is to not let the stitches hang in the air - slide the next stitches onto your right needle, scoop the ones held in back or front to your left needle, and then move the stitches you just slipped back to the left needle. Carry on as usual.
Honestly, playing with new (to me) knitting techniques is the perfect way to procrastinate on a Saturday night. I'll also admit to eye-balling the stash and imagining what I could make with all these new tricks in my repertoire.

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