Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More house-cleaning crap

The strange awareness of oncoming spring continues to shake things up, here at Chez Peepee.

For the past two evenings, I've actually done some chores, instead of hoping that the house-cleaning fairies will come when I am sleeping.

Oddly enough, things continue to look pretty good around here, if you discount the gold and yellow linoleum in the dining room and partially stripped wallpaper in the office.

And, I'm rather amused at myself, and how utterly dim I am. You see, I was muttering to myself this morning about the cat hair pooling in the corners, disgusted at how it was accumulating so quickly, and I had just swept, how could it be back AGAIN? Then I realized, at work, between 8 and 4:30 (well, 8:10 and 4:36, to be honest), I adore doing the same thing over and over, the soothing routine of knowing what task needs to be performed and when.

I need to have that sort of routine in my home.

I need to find a way to apply the things that make me happy at work to my home life. I need to compartmentalize my entire life, not just the files at the office.

Let me develop that thought, a little. At work, I like to look at the calendar and do everything I can to make deadlines with plenty of time to spare. I like having things done so people don't have to wait on me. I like having everything in order so I can put my hands on something with a moment's notice.

I can't do that at home, because I haven't actually used the space I've got. Instead, every surface gets covered in stuff, and moved from pile to pile as I plough through junk, looking for that water bill. If the water bill got put into a specific place as soon as it came in the door, the piles wouldn't exist. If I actually looked at things once in a while, instead of shoving new items into the cupboard without getting rid of the old, I would actually know what's in the cupboard.

Jeez, this organizing job might be bigger than I thought.

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