Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Adventures in Grocery Shopping

I had a freaking brilliant idea earlier today.

I thought that I would hop on a bus and go down the street about a mile and do some grocery shopping at one of those big-box complexes that are popping up all over the place.

This made sense to me for several reasons:
  • the cupboard is pretty bare right now, and I need to eat.
  • the big grocery store has all the stuff I want, at about 5% less than what I usually pay at the store close to my house.
  • I usually do nothing at lunch except peruse Ravelry and knit.
  • I have plans this evening, and having to buy food was going to seriously cramp my style.
  • It was a beautiful sunny day. I wanted to get out of the office.
And, for a bit, my plan worked. I was at the grocery store about fifteen minutes after I left the office. The store is clean, brightly lit (with skylights). Not too busy, and a very large selection of things to buy. It was easy to find what I needed, the produce is nice and the queues at the till were very short.

All in all, a very good experience. I was even going to be back at the office in good time.

So, I was standing at the bus stop, grooving away to the tunes on my Ipod, enjoying the sun, and congratulating myself on planning my time very well. For a change.

You do know that once I had that thought, things were not going to turn out well, right?

I got on the wrong damn bus. One going north, not west. It took me forty minutes to get back from wherever-the-hell-I-was to the office. I'm damn lucky I didn't wind up in Beausejour.

Three buses, some walking, and a fair amount of cursing. Yup, a lovely, if somewhat extended, lunch.

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concerned citizen said...

you neglect to mention that the weather during this episode probably didn't add any merriment to the already fumbled experience.

so....will thus end your foray into the big box stores?