Friday, February 8, 2008

Week Three

This was another bad week. About four times over my $100 limit.

But, if you take away the fabulous birthay present I purchased (for my niece, really, money doesn't count), the vet bill, and two unexpected, yet wholly thrilling nights out, and the total isn't so bad.

About $129.

This is what I've learned: once I figure out the week's going to be shot to hell, I just go for it, and have as much fun as I possibly can. Really, when on the first day of the week, I blow half my budget on drink (and I do not regret it for one single second, oh no, I don't), well then, who cares?

It's like I'm setting myself up to fail this little project. It's like... I'll just have one glass of wine...well, now that the bottle's open, I'll just finish the damn thing.

I need to learn how to savour the wine, not chug it.

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