Sunday, February 17, 2008

Small Victories

Ugh, still sick. I wonder why only the sinus cavities on the left side of my head are draining. I feel rather lopsided.
Nonetheless, a good day. I shovelled the snow - a job that was long overdue, and therefore made harder because I'd been walking on it. The drifts were nearly up to my knees in spots (that's about two feet).


I only had to blow my nose 20,000 times during the half-hour it took.

I also managed to get to the big grocery store. The one where I don't travel past a liquor store on the way.

Therefore, I did not purchase any wine. Since previous to the not spending money program, I was going through between three and six litres a week ($30 - $60, cheap but yummy plonk), this is pretty damn impressive.

And now, I am working on my final assignment. Three whole days before the deadline.

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mm said...

I'm impressed. I couldn't even manage the postage stamp sized walkway... I had to admit defeat and wheeze my way in to the house the other night.
I envy you at least have one sinus draining. ENVY!