Saturday, February 16, 2008


78/80 on the latest assignment.

I have never, ever, in the seven (no, eight) years I've been taking these courses, done that well.

Furthermore, I did the bulk of that work between three and seven AM on Wednesday with a raging headache and a fever.

These questions are tough. We are usually given a little scenario (with not nearly enough information), and told to write a memo, letter or report examining the problem and providing solutions, as if we are an employee or consultant of the company. We are marked on the clarity and professionalism of our writing. We operate under a very strict plagiarism policy.

It's kind of scary, actually, how much work we are expected to do, just for the privelege of getting to sit the exam.

As of this morning, I am seven marks short of qualifying, with one more assignment and a set of multiple choice questions to go.

Right now, I really do think I might be able to do this.


k.thedoula said...

Wow! That is great! Congratulations... here is hoping you are healthy for the next set of questions.

Anonymous said...

Right on! Now that's how it's done. Congrats! N