Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pedestrian in Industrial Park Causes Traffic Jam

Winnipeg – Motorists were tense earlier Thursday afternoon when they discovered a pedestrian walking on the side of the road in an industrial park known for not having sidewalks. Three cars stopped until the pedestrian jumped into a snow bank. Traffic then began to move without incident.

One motorist, when asked for a comment, said, “What was she doing, walking on the road? No one should walk anywhere. It’s crazy to go somewhere without a car.”

Later, the pedestrian was overheard muttering to herself, “get off your fat asses and stop burning fossil fuels, people.”


k.thedoula said...

Ahhh was the pedestrian wearing hand knit garments too? 'Cause that is a sign of the sick and truly demented.
runs and ducks.

clashfan77 said...

I think that was me! kidding, but I do walk on an industrial sidewalk free street to and from the bus stop each morning. because of the snow, i HAVE to walk on a bit of the road, and people are so rude! They are flying by with no regard - once a van was driving so close to me he hit my knitting tote! grrr Winnipeg drivers are the WORST! its even more fun when i ride my bike to work!