Thursday, February 14, 2008

Week 4

I'm quite pleased about this week's total. It's finally come down, closer to where I want it to be.


I'm even more pleased about what isn't contained in that number. In the last week, I didn't spend a nickel on liquor.

Mind you, it's easy when I'm hanging out with a bunch of non-drinkers and then come home sick as a dog.


k.thedoula said...

Heeeeey! I drink, not often, but I drink! And I was driving! =)
I am now sick as the dog too. blech.

noricum said...

Were you by any chance on the #61 bus today? (Well, now it's yesterday.) There was someone I suspect is a knitter, who had a brown bag with bobbles. Looking at some of your Ravelry project pics to see what you look like, it might have been you. (I was the one crocheting the sock.)