Friday, February 22, 2008

Some good, some bad

First, the good:
  • I left the house in daylight, and returned in daylight. This is a rare treat.
  • The Spring IK arrived today.
  • I took a three hour lunch, and quit working an hour early.
  • It was warm enough today to not wear a hat, which is awesome because I washed my hair this morning, and it looks great.
  • I'm going out for drinks with a new girly pal tonight, and I am very excited about knitting in the pub with a knitty friend.
  • I have qualified for my exam.

The bad:
  • I was half an hour late for work (see above hair washing).
  • The Spring IK was on newsstands three days ago, and some people, in Europe, have had theirs for over a week.
  • I did have real work to do.
  • I should have worn a hat. My ears were really, really cold.
  • I have either ketchup or blood on my new coat. Given this week, it could be either.
  • I did not submit the last assignment, so I barely qualified.

1 comment:

mm said...

I clicked on the 'Spring IK' link.
I have been sucked in.... MUST HAVE BAZAAR SOCKS.