Wednesday, January 30, 2008

An Important Realization

Construction Inc. got a new voice mail system today.

Not a big deal, in the normal course of business. In fact, I thought the half-hour training session was a waste of time. I can follow a menu, press 1 for "yes," 2 for "no" without anyone telling me what to do in advance.

What struck me is that if our receptionist isn't available, I don't know how to answer the phone and transfer a call.

Furthermore, it isn't expected that I should know.

That blows my mind.

I have always been a worker bee, ready and willing to do whatever task that needs to be done to the best of my ability, including filing, answering the phone and operating the postage machine.

It occurs to me that I am no longer a worker bee. I'm a manager. I don't have to lick my own envelopes any more.

But, part of me is still 24 years old and is completely amazed that somebody is willing to pay me a whole lot of money to play with spreadsheets all day. Because spreadsheets are fun, not work.

Honestly, I'm sure that one morning, someone is going to figure out that I'm just a little kid pretending to be an adult, and I that I really can't be trusted when I'm not being supervised.

Once again, I do indeed love my job.

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PurlerBear said...

Good call on the new winter-wear! I have to admit I'm not as brave as you are. After a brief flirtation with the thought of going car-less I broke down and got myself some spiffy new wheels yesterday. I pick them up on Saturday!