Saturday, January 5, 2008

Yarn Crawl

Purlerbear (old-ish acquaintance, new knitting friend) and I went on a yarn crawl today. We hit two yarn shops, both having January sales.

What a lovely afternoon, surrounded by yarn-y yumminess, good company and wonderful conversation with someone who "gets it."

I do most of my shopping alone, so it was a real treat to have someone to talk to, someone to help me pick out a colour. And for someone who even goes out alone, it was marvelous to sit and knit in the coffee shop and have a conversation instead of listening to music or reading a book.

Purlerbear, thanks so much for driving me around and not telling me I bought too much. I very much appreciated the opportunity to get to know you better. We shall have to do it again (perhaps without me spending so much money, next time).

What did I get? Well, lots of stuff. I made a list, and stuck to it, mostly. It's already been posted in Ravelry, but most of the pile is sitting on my desk, waiting to be put away in the china cabinet (which is getting pretty full).
This is how the desk looks right now:

I'll have to move it promptly, to get at the textbook and notes underneath. I have some reading to do tonight.

Looking at the china cabinet, I'm thinking I had better lay off the buying for a while, and do some knitting. I figure I've got about five years worth of yarn in there. Hell, some of it's all ready been around five years (and that's not counting the stuff in the basement. Far more down there).

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