Thursday, January 3, 2008

Knitterly goals

And keeping with that whole new year introspection and resolution theme, I've been thinking quite a bit about what I want to knit, and why I want to knit it.

Since my actual knitting time has been severely curtailed, I'm thinking about all the knitting I would rather be doing than what I am actually doing right now. I realize there's a correlation here.

I'm a pretty good, fairly experienced knitter. Pretty fearless, too. If I really want something, I will try it. Several times, if need be.

That said, there's tons I haven't tried, and lots I haven't finished. Tons more I want to do.

So here is a list, in no particular order, of things I would like to tackle in the next twelve months. Some of these have been mentioned before, but I reiterate them, so that I don't forget.

  • Putting in a zipper (I'm thinking of you, cabled hoodie).
  • Lining a bag.
  • Knitting with beads.
  • Multiple (or at least two) colour stranded knitting.
  • Socks for Brother J (when I facetiously asked him if he would wear hand-knit socks, he dropped all pretense of joking and told me his shoe size (as if I didn't know). His birthday is February 19, so I had better get going on that).
  • Socks for Brother B (because my brothers were created equal, and when his wife was moaning about not finding nice mittens for the baby, he said "Duh, get Misstea to knit some"). Also, birthday is March 23. Nicely spaced, that.
  • More socks for Dad. Just because.
  • A scarf for my knitting teacher.
  • Juno. Because I love, love, love skinny yarn on bigger sticks.
  • Socks for knitting friend J, because she bloody well deserves them.

I am also desperately wishing to catch a case of finish-it-up-itis. There's lots on the needles around here, some of it long overdue.

Such as:

  • 2 Christmas sweaters, which had better be done soon, before two little girls outgrow them.
  • A beret, hopefully completed before winter is over.
  • Pink cardigan, which is desperately needed in the office sweater rotation.
  • Sea-silk stole.
  • Koolhaas.
  • The fingerless mitts I started a million years ago (well, last March), and actually have never blogged about.

There's a few things going to be frogged, as well. Just not loving them right now, so the yarn can be a skein until it tells me what it really wants to be. Mostly socks.

Then, there's socks to be made, for gifts, for fun, for the challenge. I put the list on Ravelry.

Realistically, I can see finishing a couple things, and then going on a sock-making binge.

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