Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Yet another example of how oblivious I am

My lecture ended at 8:15 tonight. I got home at 9:55.

That's right, one hour and forty minutes later.

Part of the problem is that Winnipeg Transit's service to more remote areas of the city is absolutely abysmal after 7 pm. I just missed a bus, and the next one wasn't coming for forty minutes. I wasn't happy about that, but I had my knitting so waiting wasn't a problem. Waiting was indoors, and therefore reasonably comfortable.

My problems began when I got on the bus with the right route number, sat there for seven minutes, and then just as the bus was pulling away, another bus, with the same route number, and my destination rolled by.

I was convinced that I was on the bus going north, and it appeared that I was on the south-bound bus.

My fears were confirmed when the bus I wasn't on turned north, and mine went south. So, I transferred at the next reasonable point, and immediately got on a bus going downtown. My luck seemed to be improving. I even got a quick transfer downtown, on the route that stops two blocks from my house (it's only about -500 degrees right now. I don't want to walk or wait. Given a choice, though, I'll walk).

Finally, I thought it might be time to compare the length of my ribbing to the first sock.

Shit, over-shot it by a quarter-inch. I spent the entire final bus ride tinking.

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