Saturday, January 26, 2008

Skool boyfriend loves his socks

After a gentle inquiry asking if indeed a package from Canada Post had been delivered, I received the following message:

"Hey Misstea, I was wondering if you were playing a cruel joke on me by tempting me with a homemade gift from you...because nothing had come for so long! But it has arrived!! And I really must very profusely say, "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!" This is such a wonderful pair of socks!! I thought you were going to maybe make something like those loose fitting pink and blue "granny slippers" with really thick know, the type that won't allow your feet to fit into your shoes after you put them on. But these are really great!! They fit perrrrrfectly.....and I can still get my feet easily into my shoes! They're not too tight and they are very warm! ....and my feet get cold!! I frequently wear at least two and sometimes three, layers of those grey wool winter socks on my feet on these days. But, with THESE socks, my tootsies have been oh so snuggly warm with only your socks over my other white socks!! And they are such a cool swirly blue color, too!! They're beautiful, Misstea. They actually make me happy to put them on because the color is so radically different from the standard white Wal-Mart socks I have worn all my life. You are very talented, I can tell. They fit perfectly and I will get lots of use out of them for sure. In fact, I will be more than happy if you made me another pair......really soon!! Also, the birthday card you gave me was very lovely as well. It was small in size but packed with a big message and thoughtful words. Thanks again Misstea. Together they made a great gift."

To which I responded:

"OK, I guess you like the socks. I would not renege on a promise. I may be, and frequently am, late, but things get done. I could tell you were a little hesitant. You have only experienced bad knitting. I don't do bad knitting."

Last night, I got this:

"Yes, I have truly must have been a victim of bad knitting....and didn't even know it. And now I actually think I am beginning to understand why you do knit. I'm think I'm becoming a believer, Misstea. Wouldn't it be really crazy if you were to get my heart fully committed and have me start knitting too? When I like something Misstea, I can bring a lot of energy to it!! But I think I'll need a few more knitting experiences first. Something tells me, and I hope I'm right, that there is more of this in my future. "

About "something tells me, and I hope I'm right, that there is more of this in my future." I can only say: WTF?


PurlerBear said...

Wow... that's quite the email. I can't even begin to image what he means there... is he just fishing for more socks? Or something more? Wow... that sounds like something out of a Yarn Harlot book. LOL

Misstea said...

Yup, he's falling for me. All men do. ;-)