Sunday, January 6, 2008

Skool socks

Remember this?

This sock was started out of frustration with some sweaters. I decided it would be my Wednesday night lecture sock. Well, it has mostly been knit on Wednesdays, but not necessarily at lectures. (I'm loving the Marathon sock yarn. It may very well be my new favourite).

This sock was started on the bus home after Christmas:

I should have been reading, but the light on buses is terrible. (Patons Kroy. I hate the Patons website, so I'm not linking).

Now my study/knitting time is taken up with this:

This pair will, I hope, be for a study buddy who has been most helpful over the past few weeks. I need to stay on his good side, because I'll be needing his help. A lot. (same pattern, but 68 stitches, not 64. Plus, this foot has to be about 10.25 " long as opposed to 9.5". It's going to be real close). Regia sock yarn (I can't find a reasonable link).

All of this knitting takes place when I'm studying, or thinking about studying, or doing something when I should probably be studying.

As long as I keep to my 3x1 twisted rib (k2, k1 tbl, p1), I can manage to keep up with this school stuff.

Now if someone could tell me how information technology can eliminate Porter's Five Forces in an orchid greenhouse (for 15 marks), I would be a happy woman. Because I can't see how a fancy-dancy, expensive set of computers will make orchids prettier. I think they are just fine as is.

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