Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Christmas knitting... let's not talk about it.

The boring rectangle scarf is done. I cast off when nearing the end of the first ball of yarn. The second will become... something else. It can stay in the stash until inspiration strikes.

Right now, the scarf measures 47" un-stretched, just under 60" slightly stretched. I am confident it will grow bigger under blocking, which shall commence tomorrow morning, before I leave for work

I'll take a photo for Ravelry, and that will be end of that.

Although I had brought the Earl Grey socks (mid-way through the second pattern repeat), I couldn't resist, tonight, and cast on 64 stitches with one of my new balls of Opal sock yarn. I knit nearly an inch-and-a-half of ribbing at knit night, and then ripped it all out on the bus home. I had cast on 65 stitches, and had 2 knit stitches side-by-side. My k2tog did not make a pretty fix, and I didn't like it. So, now I have half a row to show for over two hours.

The question is, what pattern shall I use? I was thinking of my usual broken rib, but the subtle (yet NEON) colour changes begs for something more challenging.

A knit night buddy suggested Monkey Socks, or Pomatomus. I thought maybe Jaywalkers would be the way to go. Pomatomus requires 72 stitches, my pattern tells me, so that's out. Ditto for Jaywalkers. I'm not ripping again. Monkey socks would be OK, but I am not excited about that idea. So, broken rib it is, I think. This is an attractive idea, if only because I don't have a pair of broken rib socks - I've given away both pairs I made.

Well, I have about two inches of ribbing to do before I make up my mind. That said, Lombard Street calls for 64 stitches, and I do adore the pattern, having made it twice before. It might be nice without the picot cuff. Or, perhaps a chevron pattern? We shall see. I can search Ravelry tomorrow.

This was one of those nights where I had to force myself to leave the house.

Normally, when I have something going on in the evening, I just work late, and then head wherever I am going. This removes the temptation to bail on whatever commitment I've made.

Tonight, though, I had to get a few groceries (it's amazing how many more groceries one needs when making a lunch every day. Who knew?) and I wanted to do that before knit night. Otherwise, I knew it wouldn't happen. I gulped down my dinner, threw the previously forgotten hat on my head (and I needed it today - it was cold!) and forced myself out the door.

Telling myself to "just show up" and "suck it up" the whole time.

It worked. Knit night was amazing as usual. I can't believe that I'm such a party pooper sometimes.

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