Thursday, November 22, 2007

Why yes, I am chatty today.

So, this is what almost a whole sleeve looks like:

I understand the concerns. It's freaking huge (and btw, even though I'm using different yarn, I did get gauge). This is also a whole ball of yarn, less the swatch.

Mini J's arm, at its biggest, is about four inches in circumference (which is about the inside circumference of my thumb and index finger. This sleeve, near the top, is about ten (my palm is three inches wide, for a sense of scale). That's a whole lotta ease. More than a toddler needs.

Cast-on edge, trying to look like a sleeve.

(and that is not a trashy magazine underneath my darling perfect niece's sleeve - it's the program for my show. Don't you wish you'd gone to see it?)

I'm going to throw this on waste yarn, cast on for the back and see what happens. If it's nasty, there is going to be some serious algebra and geometry going on.

That's OK, 'cuz I'm a math-type person.

But, I did nearly a whole sleeve in about three hours. That's encouraging, right?

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