Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sittin' and knittin'

It's been a cozy, domestic weekend, here at Chez Peepee. While there was the usual stunning lack of housework, there was, wait for it... baking!

I kind of OD'd on baking when I was newly married. I made pies, cakes, muffins, you name it. That petered out after a couple of years, and since then, there was only the occasional Christmas baking session (the last one being about five years ago). But, lately, strangely, I've been craving banana bread. So, I bought four bananas, let them ripen, and with the one lowly egg in my fridge, I made banana bread yesterday morning. There is a whole lot less now. It was yummy. I'm rather glad I didn't throw out the loaf pan (I did consider it, when I was packing to move last year).

Lots of knitting, while perusing Ravelry and watching TV. I worked on the mitts, running out of yarn with one thumb to go (grrr!).

Why would one measly pair of mitts require more than 100 grams of yarn, you may wonder. Well, these mitts are going to be felted. This is how big they are (and I have huge hands):

That necessitated a trip to the evil chain craft store (I am struck by the irony and the amazing inconvenience that they sell sock yarn, but no sock needles) to get this:

And since my beloved Paton's Classic Wool was on sale for a marvelous price, I also got this:

The red is for J's birthday present. She requested a scarf to go with the oatmeal hat and mitts I made for her last year, but I just couldn't do it, face 400 meters of oatmeal, and turn it into a rectangle. She may be disappointed but getting a red scarf instead will prevent me from knitting horrible, nasty thoughts into her gift.

I'm thinking a felted hat with the grey, for me. Something a little bit classier than the ribbed toque or rolled brim hat I usually mash on my head. I have not rationalized to myself how 400 meters of grey is different from 400 meters of oatmeal. It's my money, my time, and my knitting. I don't need to rationalize it.

Then I left the store before I spent $75 on outdoor greenery and lights when I don't even have an exterior socket on my house.

One can tell Christmas is coming - decorations are up, and the mall was a gong show. I won't be going back until February. I'll just double up the wool socks inside my sneakers, and then I won't need new winter boots.

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