Thursday, November 22, 2007

Full steam ahead

I have settled on patterns for the baby sweaters.

Thank goodness, because I was getting really tired of thinking about it.

For Mini B, I am making the Little Star Sweater (shown on the cover) from this book. Imagine though, a "B" instead of the star, and using brown, pink and cream. I think it will work. I am not looking forward to the intarsia, but I love this kid, so I'll suck it up and do it (not my idea - her mother's request).

For Mini J, another pattern from the same book (I cannot find a photo) called "Lacy Sweater" (creative names, no?). It's a reverse stockinette tunic with some lacy details on the sleeves, neckline and hem, as well as a textured flower on the the front. I think the lavender yarn I purchased will suit well. Once I made up my mind, I was desperate to cast on, but perhaps it's just as well I left the yarn at home. There's little enough work going on in this place today (see? blogging? not real work).

Now, I did some digging around, and the reviews on this book are decidedly mixed (I only bought because I saw it on a bargain table for $4.99). There appears to be problems with the sizing, and there is no errata page to be found anywhere.

I figure since I'm substituting yarns anyway, I'll just have to be super-diligent.

Let the Christmas madness begin!

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