Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sick day

I have a horrendous cold, and in the interest of not infecting the entire office, I'm knitting from home today.
Trust me, I'm doing everyone a favour.
I just cast off the second sleeve of my darling Mini J's sweater. I still have my doubts about what appears to be the insane width, but I'm told the ease for kid's clothing is built into the arms and shoulders.
Okey dokey. I'll continue to reserve judgement.
I am also somewhat reassured by the fact that I've knit the back and two sleeves since Saturday afternoon. If I have to re-jig things, there's plenty of time.
However, after nearly a week of lavender yarn (including the false-start), I'm itching to do something else, even though I know it's in my best interest to keep going with this thing.
Anyway, pictures!

Two sleeves

Sleeve detail (colour is wonky)

Sweater back

Bottom edging. It's quite pretty, and not difficult, if I remember to count. However, it's an eight row pattern, and I did not commit it to memory, somehow. My brain must be full.

And speaking of Mini J, I saw my dad for a few minutes last night. He tells me that she is quite helpful around the house. If the phone rings, she'll go get it and bring the phone to whoever is around to answer it. How cute! Can't wait to see her in a few weeks.

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