Monday, November 12, 2007

I knit more than pink

I've been excavating the stash today. It's an exercise in procrastination, and fills a desire to spend as much time playing in Ravelry as possible.

In the process of going through the house, I found lots of stuff that I knit before I had a blog, or before I had a digital camera.

I have always been well aware that much of what I knit is pink. Pink is my favourite colour (if you haven't figured that out from the template colour of the blog). However, I noticed that much of what I knit is also green.

Green was my favourite colour, and the trendy colour, when I got married in 1993. I thought I had overdosed on green. Apparently not. Look at this (and please note that this is the most flattering photo I have taken of myself in a very, very long time):

Damn, I'm cute, even with un-styled hair and no make-up (and just a tiny bit narcissistic).
The hat is Tweed Beret, from Interweave, and the scarf is the famous Clapotis from Knitty. Both were very happy knits.

I also finally took a photo of the scarf I completed while at home for Thanksgiving. This photo is not so flattering:

The hat was made some time last year from Stitch 'n Bitch, out of something that I can't be bothered to find the label of. I love this hat. I wear it all the time, because it only smooshes my hair a little (I purposefully made it very, very large).
I also bring your attention to this shawl.

Made in January, 2007, this was my first foray into shawl knitting. I sat down with Eunny's tutorial in Interweave Knits, made the swatches, and then cast on for my beloved shawl. Others have said it far more eloquently than I, but bang-for-your-buck, lace knitting is the way to go. Swallowtail cost me $15.95 plus tax. It took me a month of all-shawl-knitting, all-the-time. And I'm a pretty fast knitter. That's pretty cheap entertainment.

In the interest of honesty, Swallowtail was also the first project I had ever blocked.

Yup, after eighteen (18!) years of knitting I blocked for the very first time. I am converted. Now I block everything except socks (and that's only because I'm lazy). Blocking is the wonderful thing that everyone says it is. I promise.

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