Sunday, November 11, 2007


I feel a little bit like Stephen Spielberg reportedly did after finishing filming Jaws. Apparently he and Richard Dreyfuss got really drunk and ran through Martha's Vineyard screaming "It's done! The son of a bitch is finally done!"

The sleepless nights, constant stress on my wallet, stomach issues and headaches are totally worthwhile.

It was an amazing night. We pulled it off with only a few hiccups. We had a few scene-stealers, a couple of hecklers and tons of encores. The cast really broke loose and performed above expectations. We just let it fly, we were so happy to finally be doing this thing.

Some of the songs gave me goosebumps, the performances were so good. And, I will never think of Captain Jack Sparrow in quite the same way again. Forever, it will be Captain Jack Swallow. More like a gay Captain Morgan instead of Johnny Depp.

I stretched my own personal boundaries by emceeing the show, and I must admit, I did a damn good job, and looked fabulous to boot. I didn't know that I had such a clear speaking voice. I would do that again. I loved being up there, holding the audience in the palm of my hand.

The absolute best part, every year, is the after-party. A few of us die-hards gathered together in a bar, to dance, laugh, and just be together. There was one funny moment. We were all dancing in a circle, and there was one really drunk woman trying to break into our group. While I understand why she would have wanted to join us - we were obviously having a good time and just oozing fun. But, we just wanted to be with each other. She kind of lassoed one of the guys, and I had to march over, put my arms around him and tell crazy lady to back off - that he was mine and she couldn't have him. Apparently there was a risk of fisticuffs, but I didn't notice. He was so grateful. I saw the situation as a rescue - I would do the same for anyone I knew.

The trick is, now, to not lose all this good energy and enthusiasm. We (meaning I) have to get the financial stuff pulled together and get a business plan and assorted other stuff together for next year. Several people spoke to me, saying that they wanted to help. And, help in ways that we need: marketing, sales, pursuing grants and sponsorship.

I cannot forget to get in touch with these people, after a couple weeks of catching up on the rest of my life.

And perhaps get started on some gift-knitting.

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